About Ashley Cooper Realty LLC

Ashley Cooper Realty LLC was formed in 2004 in North Charleston SC. It is a full service real estate company that caters to the needs of customers selling their homes as well as customers purchasing homes. We work hard to extend to our customers the upmost professional services we can provide. Our familiarity with the industry keeps us updated with many relocation partners as well.

We strongly believe in personalized service. We used to be clients too so our experience in buying a home taught us a lot about the art of buying and selling property. We are quite knowledgeable of the fact that it is really easy for anyone to search for properties online. Nowadays, people are far more engaged in the online world for more convenient and in-depth information than just viewing photos in the traditional real estate shop front. We understand this ‘connectivity’ and we have been continually adapting to ensure that we can more effectively communicate with our clients. This means they can reach us at any time for advice or support. With just a simple click, opportunities spread wide open. Thus, this website was created. But it does not change anything a realtor can do. In fact it makes it easier for us and the client as well.

With more than ten years of quality service and experience, realistically it has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions as ideas continually flourish, both from us and our clients. Every single day that we work with them has been a learning experience for us, until that culminating day when they have finally settled into their new home with excitement and smiles on their faces. It gives us an enlightening feeling knowing that we truly have accomplished our mission of providing them with the perfect home, suitable with the perfect neighborhood and atmosphere.

We promise our clients that as realtor, all the pre-work will be done for them and their time will not be wasted. It may be too cliche but we strongly believe that time is money. We maximize the productivity of their time by showing homes that will work for them only. We have been doing this for more than 10 years already, and our clients’ feedback are always the same. We take pride in valuing our customers’ time, money, and overall happiness as take away all that hassles and inconveniences of the process.

As a selling agent, we also assure our customers of our experience to maximize the selling price of their property within the shortest period possible. Preparing a home to sell is no easy task but we are up to the responsibility with our proven and tested methods – tactics as we call it, which we can employ for you. Listing the home on the MLS system may look seemingly hard, but we have mastered the art. Knowing the right keywords to put into can the make the difference between a sale and not. But worry not! Our topnotch negotiation skills will always come in handy. This, along with some guidance in making your old property look like brand new once again, guarantees our clients top dollar which leaves them satisfied.

We look forward to working with you and we would be honored to serve you, with trust and confidence, as we at Ashley Cooper Realty form a team with you in realizing that dream.

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